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Nothing beats living your  dream in real life, and who  doesn't want to be a resident of  their dream land?  But what happens when  obtaining a passport or any other travel documents in the standard or normal way  becomes difficult?  Will you give up your dream? We can help you obtain real and fake passports, renew your expired passport or help you to get a valid visa


More and more people are enticed to travel abroad since there are several opportunities there. The reasons may be work, school, trips, or even a strong desire to live in another country. To make your traveling legal, you need to arrange your documents

Visa is the general term for travel documents. There are two types of visas: immigrant visa and non-immigrant visa.

An immigrant visa is otherwise known as a Residence permit. Contact us on how to buy a residence permit online. This type of visa is for people who have the intention of having a permanent residence in another country. You can buy a real or fake green card in the USA. The processing of this immigrant visa is a maximum of 2 weeks.

Apply for Residence Permits

A non-immigrant visa, or simply visa permit, is granted according to the purpose of your travel. It can either be a visit, study, or work. A tourist visa is needed for those people who have a plan of visiting another country. If you are an exchange student, you need to apply for a student visa. But this visa is not only limited to exchange students, it can also be used for different exchange programs which involve counselors, professors, scholars, and physicians. And if you plan to work temporarily abroad, you need to get a work visa. To make your visa application process smooth, you must have all fees, your passport, and other requirements fulfilled which we will instruct you.

But before you are able to acquire a permanent residence, you need to comply with its strict rules and requirements. We will help you answer the following questions: How long does it take to apply for a US visa, UK visa, Schengen visa, Australian visa, Canadian visa. What are the Schengen visa requirements, how to apply for a visa online, how to get a residence permit online, how to buy a UK residence permit, how to get a US green card, how to buy a fake UK residence permit, buy EU residence permits, buy fake German residence permit, buy fake Swedish residence permit, buy fake Austrian residence permit, Buy fake Canadian residence permit, buy fake Irish residence permit, buy fake Italian residence permit, buy fake Dutch residence permit, buy fake Spanish residence permit, buy fake Australian residence permit, buy fake work permits


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